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Devotional: 14th of Sivan

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Sivan 14

I have always made it my ambition to proclaim the Good News where the Messiah was not yet known (Romans 15:20).

People can be ambitious in many areas. To some, career goals are most important, while others seek their children's success. One is not much better than the other. When all is said and done, the question is whether we have lifted the Messiah to the place of highest importance in our lives.

Joseph Rabinowitz, a Messianic Jewish leader in nineteenth-century Russia, expressed the ambition of his life with the following story:

"My position is to be compared with one who went out to the ocean in a ship and suffered a shipwreck with all on board. Now all of those who are shipwrecked try to get to some firm ground on which to save themselves. If one after struggling for life finds a rock, the moment he feels he is on firm ground, he will shout to those still struggling in the sea. And if some are beyond the reach of his voice, he will try to raise something—a stick or flag— to attract their attention and call them to head for the rock. Now that is my position. Russia is like the ocean, the Jews there are like shipwrecked people, and since, by God's mercy, my feet are on the Rock [Yeshua], I have tried to do what that person I spoke of tried to do. I am shouting to my shipwrecked people to come to the Rock."

...signal to the shipwrecked people God lets me meet that Yeshua is the Rock on which it is safe to build their lives.


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