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Daily Devotionals

Voice of the Lord

Devotional: 24th of Iyar

If the world hates you, understand that it hated me first (John 15:18).

It was about 2:00 a.m. and very dark. Several individuals climbed on top of our Messianic synagogue in Israel and broke through the roofing material to lower explosives and flammable material into the building. After igniting it, they fled. The ensuing explosion ripped off that section of the roof. The heat of the fire warped the steel beams, totally destroying our office and everything in it. The entire building was blackened by smoke and the electrical system was damaged, but the sound equipment, the Ark, and the Torah were not harmed.

There is a striking parallel between the actions of these individuals and those in Luke 5:19, who also went up on a roof and broke through in order to lower their paralyzed friend down to Yeshua. In both cases the goal was to get to Yeshua. In the latter case, the goal was to receive healing from him for their friend. In our case, the goal was to stop Yeshua's healing work in our community. Yeshua is, by the decree of the Almighty, the one who has pre-eminence in all things. People are going to be judged according to how they respond to him. The thoughts and intentions of every man's heart will be revealed in that response. The more we identify with him, the more those same attitudes and actions will be directed towards us

...count my own popularity or unpopularity as nothing compared to the surpassing value of knowing Yeshua and making him known to others.


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