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Adam Clarke
Adam M. Clarke, c. 1830

Adam Clarke (1760-1832) was an Irish Methodist theologian and biblical scholar who is best known for his extensive work as a commentator on the Bible. Born in County Londonderry, Ireland, on August 17, 1760, Clarke was the son of a schoolteacher and grew up in a family that placed a high value on education and religious devotion.

In his early years, Clarke showed a strong aptitude for languages and the study of the Bible, and he quickly became recognized as a gifted student. In 1782, he was ordained as a Methodist minister and began his career as a preacher and teacher.

Throughout his career, Clarke remained deeply committed to the study of the Bible, and he soon developed a reputation as a skilled biblical scholar. In 1810, he published his most significant work, a six-volume commentary on the entire Bible, which was characterized by its thorough examination of the original Hebrew and Greek texts, as well as its focus on historical and cultural context.

Clarke's commentary quickly became recognized as a classic work of biblical scholarship, and it remains widely read and studied by Christians today. In addition to his work as a commentator, Clarke was also a prolific writer and translator, and he produced numerous works on theology, history, and other subjects.

Throughout his life, Clarke was deeply committed to the Methodist movement, and he played an important role in the development of Methodism in both Ireland and England. He also advocated for social justice and reform, and he was an early supporter of the abolitionist movement.

Adam Clarke died on August 26, 1832, at the age of 72. His legacy as a preacher, scholar, and social reformer continues to be celebrated by Methodists and Christians around the world, and his commentary on the Bible remains a valuable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.

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