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William Barclay's Commentary on

Sadly it has been removed.

For many years I have hosted William Barclay's commentary on I did this with the erroneous belief that the commentary, while still under copyright, was out of print and therefore available to be provided. There are a number of website that were and still are provide the commentary in PDF format.

Recently, Mr. Dobson, the Associate Publisher and Editorial Director at Westminster John Knox Press emailed me to inform me that:

Good afternoon. Our rights director has made me aware of a copyright violation regarding the use of the Daily Study Bible by William Barclay on your website, As you are aware, this intellectual property is under copyright. The copyright is jointly administered by Westminster John Knox Press, SCM Press, and the estate of William Barclay. The dissemination of this material without explicit permission is a violation of U.S. and international copyright law. We appreciate that you took this material down when you were notified; if you proceed to make it available again we will be forced to refer this matter to our attorneys at Stites and Harbison, LLC.

Your customers who would prefer an electronic version for search purposes are welcome to purchase the Kindle editions of the New Daily Study Bible, available on

Wanting to make sure my visitors were still able to use the commentary, I emailed Mr. Dobson and offered an advertisement (300x250) within the text of the commentary that Westminster John Knox Press could use to avertise new and popular books they were publishing.

This email and dditional emails went unanswered. To this day, neither Mr. Dobson nor anyone at Westminster John Knox Press has contacted me.

So I am calling on my members and visitors to show them how important it is that William Barclay's commentary be hosted again on Click the link below and send a nicely worded email to Mr. Dodson asking him to consider my offer and allow the commentary to remain on the site. Please by kind in your email, your words will reflect on StudyLight and the Kingdom of God.

Click to open an email message to Mr. Dobson!

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