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Adolph Ernest Knoch
Adolph Ernest Knoch

Adolph Ernest Knoch, often referred to as A. E. Knoch, was a prominent figure in the realm of biblical scholarship and theological discourse during the early to mid-20th century. Born on September 22, 1874, in Albany, New York, Knoch displayed a fervent passion for religious studies from an early age. He pursued higher education at New York University, where he delved into the intricacies of theology and biblical interpretation.

Knoch's scholarly journey took a significant turn when he encountered the teachings of J. N. Darby, a key figure in the Plymouth Brethren movement. Influenced by Darby's dispensationalist theology, Knoch began to develop his own distinctive theological framework, which would become known as "ultradispensationalism." This theological perspective emphasized the radical distinctions between different periods or dispensations in biblical history, particularly regarding the church and Israel.

Throughout his career, Knoch dedicated himself to the study and interpretation of scripture, producing a substantial body of work that reflected his deep commitment to understanding the Bible in its original context. He served as the editor of "Unsearchable Riches," a periodical publication that disseminated his theological insights and interpretations to a broader audience.

One of Knoch's most notable contributions to biblical scholarship is his translation and commentary on the New Testament, commonly referred to as the "Concordant Literal New Testament." This translation aimed to capture the precise meanings of the original Greek text, often departing from traditional translations to offer fresh perspectives on familiar passages.

Despite facing criticism and controversy from mainstream theological circles, Knoch remained steadfast in his convictions, advocating for a rigorous and systematic approach to biblical interpretation. His writings continue to be studied and debated by scholars and theologians interested in exploring alternative perspectives on the scriptures.

Adolph Ernest Knoch passed away on October 28, 1965, leaving behind a legacy of theological inquiry and scholarly engagement that continues to inspire individuals in their quest for a deeper understanding of the Bible.

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