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Monday, June 24th, 2024
the Week of Proper 7 / Ordinary 12
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Bible Commentaries
2 Timothy

Abbott's Illustrated New TestamentAbbott's NT

- 2 Timothy

by John & Jacob Abbott


THERE is evidence in the historical records of the early church, that Paul, after having been liberated from his first confinement at Rome, was imprisoned again, and that this second imprisonment terminated in his martyrdom. Some have supposed that the Second Epistle to Timothy was written during this second imprisonment, and just before the apostle's death, to which approaching event they consider the expressions, 2 Timothy 4:6,2 Timothy 4:8, as alluding. Others maintain that it was written during his first imprisonment, and at an early period of it, since he sends for Timothy to join him, (2 Timothy 4:21;) and Timothy is spoken of as with him in several of the Epistles written from Rome. It is not important, however, in regard to the interpretation of the Epistle, to determine this question; for, though commentators are divided in respect to the date to which it is to be referred, all agree that, like the other, it is a letter of instructions in respect to the administration of the affairs of the church, sent to Timothy at Ephesus, from Paul at Rome; and this is all that seems to be necessary to a proper understanding of it.

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