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Bible Commentaries

Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament

1 Corinthians 7


1:2 saints, (a-17) Saints by [divine] calling.

Verse 5

7:5 (b-1) It means to 'deprive another of anything wrongfully.' so that it has the sense of 'rob,' 'defraud;' but with the sense of taking away, or depriving of, what another had a right to. Such is the sense. I have said 'defraud,' as it is the same word as in ch. 6.7,8. The sense is just the same; only here it is of one another.

Verse 6

7:6 [to], (c-7) Or 'permitting' it. Not 'by permission;' that would imply that he said it by the Lord's permission. He said it in the way of permission, not as command.

Verse 7

7:7 gift (d-17) Charisma . see Note h, Romans 5:16 .

Verse 13

7:13 husband. (e-21) Lit. 'the husband.'

Verse 15

7:15 them (f-8) Lit. 'him.' see Note, ver. 28.

Verse 25

7:25 virgins, (a-3) Whether men or women.

Verse 28

7:28 have (b-17) Or 'she has.' I say 'they' to embrace both sexes, which the 'such' ( toioutoi , plural), and what follows, distinctly implies. The Greek for 'virgin' is feminine from its primary natural reference, but see Revelation 14:4 .

Verse 29

7:29 wives, (c-17) It may be translated 'for the rest [I say it], in order that even they who have wives.'

Verse 31

7:31 own; (d-14) See Note, ch. 9.18.

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