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Bible Commentaries

Hamilton Smith's Writings

1 Peter

- 1 Peter

by Hamilton Smith

The First Epistle of Peter.

Hamilton Smith.


The First Epistle of Peter is addressed to Christians elected from the Jewish nation. Four main objects are in view:-

First, the setting forth of the true position and portion of these believers in the Lord Jesus, in contrast with their former position as Jews:

Secondly, to instruct us as to the conduct suited to those in this new Christian position:

Thirdly, to show that though the grace of God has set us in a position of blessing, we are still, as to our conduct in this world, under the government of God. In this First Epistle the government of God is presented more in connection with the believer; in the Second Epistle it is seen in connection with the world:

Fourthly, to encourage us in view of the suffering we shall have to meet as we pass through this world. In 1 Peter 1 the suffering is from trials allowed of God for the testing of our faith (6, 7); in 1 Peter 2 the suffering is for conscience' sake toward God (19); in 1 Peter 3 the suffering is for righteousness' sake (14); in 1 Peter 4 the suffering is for the Name of Christ (12-14); in 1 Peter 5 the suffering arises from the opposition of the devil (8-10).