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International Critical Commentary NTInternational Critical


New Testament

International Critical Commentary NT
International Critical Commentary NT

The International Critical Commentary (ICC) series in one of the oldest biblical resources that is still in publication.

Commentary volumes in the ICC series are noted for their high-quality exegesis, their technical nature, and their exegetical and theological interpretations, which reflect liberal and critical conclusions.

Authors who contributed volumes to the ICC series at the turn of the 20th century were among the most well-respected scholars of their day.

Authors who have contributed to the revised volumes at the turn of the 21st century are some of the most well-respected scholars today.

In each commentary, former and current authors interact with the original languages of Scripture and relevant biblical scholarship to such a degree that readers who do not read Greek, Hebrews, and Latin � whose words are printed without translation � may not find the series helpful. Authors also provide archaeological, historical, and literary insights.

The authors come from a variety of ecclesiastical backgrounds and were not chosen for their theological convictions: "No attempt has been made to secure a uniform theological or critical approach to the biblical text: contributors have been invited for their scholarly distinction, not for their adherence to any one school of thought."

The editors of the ICC series have diverse backgrounds. The first editors were Hebrew scholar Samuel Rolles Driver, Anglican clergyman, Alfred A. Plummer, and American Presbyterian Charles Augustus Briggs.

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