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Bible Commentaries

Parker's The People's Bible

1 Timothy

- 1 Timothy

by Joseph Parker

1 Timothy

(Macedonia, a.d. 64 or 57)

[Note. "The two Epistles to Timothy and the Epistle to Titus have been called pastoral Epistles. They abound in instruction relative to the oversight of the Church and other duties of the Christian ministry. They also abound in instruction suited for the churches themselves.

"Timothy was an inhabitant, perhaps a native, of Lystra, Acts 16:1 , Acts 16:2 . His father was a Greek, his mother and grandmother pious Jewesses, by whom he was carefully trained in a knowledge of the Scriptures, 2 Timothy 3:14 . He was probably converted by Paul on his first visit to Lystra, Acts 14:6 (see 1 Timothy 1:2 ; 2 Timothy 1:2 ; 1Co 4:17 ); and on his second visit was chosen to be the companion of the Apostle in his journeys and labours. He is everywhere spoken of in terms of high praise, 1 Thessalonians 3:2 ; Philippians 2:20 , and is a noble instance of eminent gifts and grace in one young in years and feeble in health ( 1Ti 4:12 ; 1Ti 5:23 ).

"It is difficult, perhaps impossible, to determine when this Epistle was written. It was evidently addressed to Timothy at Ephesus, and when Paul was either in Macedonia or on his way thither (see 1Ti 1:3 ). From Acts 20:1 , we learn that Paul left Ephesus after the uproar caused by Demetrius, and went to Macedonia; and some learned critics have supposed that this Epistle was written at that time. There are, however, several serious difficulties in the way of that supposition." Angus' Bible Handbook. ]