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Bible Commentaries

Parker's The People's Bible


- Revelation

by Joseph Parker


(PATMOS, a.d. 96)

[Note. "This book is styled the Apocalypse, or Revelation ( i.e. the revealing or unveiling of that which had been hidden), as consisting of matters chiefly prophetical, which were revealed to John by our Lord Jesus Christ. This took place when he was in the Isle of Patmos, in the Ægean Sea, whither he was banished, as is generally supposed, by the Emperor Domitian, a.d. 94 or 95. Some, indeed, are of opinion that this happened much earlier, during the persecution of Nero, a.d. 67 or 68; but the arguments adduced in support of this opinion are by no means conclusive. Irenæus, Eusebius, and, in the 3rd century, Victorinus expressly refer the book to the age of Domitian; a view favoured by the testimony of Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and Jerome, nor is there any other tradition in the early Church. Internal evidence also confirms it, such as the prevalence of persecution, and the great declension which appears to have taken place in the Ephesian Church, which as late as a.d. 62 was warmly commended by Paul, for the fidelity and love of its members. No book, it may be added, was earlier commented upon, nor is it surpassed in dignity and sublimity of composition.

"This book greatly resembles those of Ezekiel and of Daniel, both in form and in substance. It appears, indeed, to be a continuation of the prophecies of Daniel; but given with greater fulness of detail; the principal topics being the same, and the termination exactly identical." Angus's Bible Handbook.]