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Bible Commentaries

Kingcomments on the Whole Bible


- Romans

by Ger de Koning

Outline of the Letter to the Romans

I Romans 1-8
God's righteousness by faith (doctrinal part)
1. Romans 1:1-17 Introduction
2. Romans 1:18-3:20 The need for justification
1:18-32 The godless heathen: sinners
2:1-16 The self-righteous people: sinners
2:17-3:8 The Jews: sinners – conclusion: all are sinners
3:9-20 There is none who does good
3. Romans 3:21-5:11 The justification by faith
3:21-26 The righteousness of God
3:27- 4:25 Only by faith
5:1-11 Peace with God
4. Romans 5:12-8:39 In Adam – in Christ
5:12-21 Two families
6:1-7:14 Grace and law
7:15-25 Experiences
8:1-39 In Christ no condemnation
II Romans 9-11
The problem of Israel (historical part)
Romans 9:1-33 The sovereignty of God
10:1-21 The failure of Israel
11:1-36 Israel accepted again
III Romans 12-16
The efficacy in the Christian life (practical part)
1. Romans 12:1-15:13 Christian responsibility
12:1-21 Service and life
13:1-14 Relationship to the government
14:1-15:13 Strong ones and weak ones
2. Romans 15:14-16:27 Closing words
15:14-33 The personal service of Paul
16:1-27 Greetings and praise