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Thursday, December 7th, 2023
the First Week of Advent
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Bible Commentaries

MacLaren's Expositions of Holy ScriptureMacLaren's Expositions

- Romans

by Alexander MacLaren



· The Witness Of The Resurrection Rom_1:4

· Privilege And Obligation Rom_1:7

· Paul’s Longing Rom_1:11 - Rom_1:12

· Debtors To All Men Rom_1:14

· The Gospel The Power Of God Rom_1:16

· World-Wide Sin And World-Wide Redemption Rom_3:19 - Rom_3:26

· No Difference Rom_3:22

·‘ Let Us Have Peace’ Rom_5:1

· Access Into Grace Rom_5:2

· The Sources Of Hope Rom_5:2 - Rom_5:4

· A Threefold Cord Rom_5:5

· What Proves God’s Love Rom_5:8

· The Warring Queens Rom_5:21

·‘ The Form Of Teaching’ Rom_6:17

·‘ Thy Free Spirit’ Rom_8:2

· Christ Condemning Sin Rom_8:3

· The Witness Of The Spirit Rom_8:16

· Sons And Heirs Rom_8:17

· Suffering With Christ, A Condition Of Glory With Christ Rom_8:17

· The Revelation Of Sons Rom_8:19

· The Redemption Of The Body Rom_8:23

· The Interceding Spirit Rom_8:26

· The Gift That Brings All Gifts Rom_8:32

· More Than Conquerors Rom_8:37

· Love’s Triumph Rom_8:38 - Rom_8:39

· The Sacrifice Of The Body Rom_12:1

· Transfiguration Rom_12:2

· Sober Thinking Rom_12:3

· Many And One Rom_12:4 - Rom_12:5

· Grace And Graces Rom_12:6 - Rom_12:8

· Love That Can Hate Rom_12:9 - Rom_12:10

· A Triplet Of Graces Rom_12:11

· Another Triplet Of Graces Rom_12:12

· Still Another Triplet Rom_12:13 - Rom_12:15

· Still Another Triplet Rom_12:16

· Still Another Triplet Rom_12:17 - Rom_12:18

· Still Another Triplet Rom_12:19 - Rom_12:21

· Love And The Day Rom_13:8 - Rom_13:14

· Salvation Nearer Rom_13:11

· The Soldier’s Morning-Call Rom_13:12

· The Limits Of Liberty Rom_14:12 - Rom_14:23

· Two Fountains, One Stream Rom_15:4 , Rom_15:13

· Joy And Peace In Believing Rom_15:13

· Phœ be Rom_16:1 - Rom_16:2

· Priscilla And Aquila Rom_16:3 - Rom_16:5

· Two Households Rom_16:10 - Rom_16:11

· Tryphena And Tryphosa Rom_16:12

· Persis Rom_16:12

· A Crushed Snake Rom_16:20

· Tertius Rom_16:22

· Quartus A Brother Rom_16:23

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