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Poole's English Annotations on the Holy Bible

Ezra 8


Ezra’s companions who returned from Babylon, Ezra 8:1-14.

He sendeth to Iddo for Levites to be ministers for the temple, Ezra 8:15-20.

He keepeth a fast at Ahava, Ezra 8:21-23.

He committeth the treasures to the custody of the priests, Ezra 8:24-30.

From Ahava they come to Jerusalem, Ezra 8:31,Ezra 8:32.

The treasure is weighed in the temple, Ezra 8:33-35.

The commission is delivered to the adversaries, and they further the house of God, Ezra 8:36.

Verse 3

Of the sons of Pharosh, i.e. one of the sons of Pharosh; whereby he is differenced from the other Shechaniah, Ezra 8:5.

By genealogy of the males: though the males only be expressed here, and in the succeeding verses, yet it is more than probable they carried the women along with them, as they did carry little ones as it is expressed here, Ezra 8:21.

Verse 5

The son of Jahaziel; either his only son, or the most eminent of his sons, and therefore so called here.

Verse 15

The river that runneth to Ahava; or,

the river of Ahava, as it is called, Ezra 8:21,Ezra 8:31. By comparing of these places, it seems that Ahava was the name both of the river, and of the town or place by which it ran. Either this was that river which other writers call Adiava, which runs to Assyria, which thence is called Adiabene; or some other river running into Euphrates.

None of the sons of Levi, to wit, who were simple Levites, and not priests. And therefore the Levites, mentioned Ezra 7:7, by anticipation, were not yet come to him.

Verse 16

Then sent I for Eliezer to come to me, and go along with me to Jerusalem. Men of understanding; who seem to have had more knowledge than pious zeal for God and his house and solemn worship, which was confined to Jerusalem.

Verse 17

I sent them with commandment; which he might do, partly by virtue of that authority which he had over them by his priesthood; and partly by that authority which he either had received or could easily procure from the king to that purpose.

Iddo the chief; the head of the rest, either by ecclesiastical order or government, which the Persian kings allowed to the Jews; or by some grant or commission from the king.

At the place Casiphia; not a place near the Caspian Lake, as some guess from the likeness of the names; for that was at too great a distance for his present purpose; but some other place not far from Ahava, where he knew that there was a college or considerable company of Levites together.

Verse 20

The Gibeonites, who were devoted to this service by Joshua and the princes of his time, Joshua 9:21, and are said to be appointed by David and his princes, because they were confirmed by them in their former office, and more particularly applied to the several services of the temple; though this be not distinctly related in 1 Chronicles 24:0; 1 Chronicles 25:0; 1 Chronicles 26:0, because his business there was to give an account only of the new constitutions and alterations made by David in those matters.

Verse 21

A right way, i.e. a safe and prosperous journey; or such a way and course as might be best for us.

Verse 23

He gave us some assurance of his gracious answer to our request.

Verse 24

Or, and

Sherebiah, & c., who were the Levites mentioned Ezra 8:18, who were jointly intrusted together with the priests with the charge of carrying these things carefully and safely. The particle and is oft understood.

Verse 27

Heb. desirable as gold; not that it was of equal price and worth with it, but for its incomparable excellency in its kind, and for its great rarity, for which cause there were only two vessels of that sort.

Verse 31

To wit, in the direct way; whereby it may be conjectured, that God directed them to fetch a little compass, and to go a more uncouth and unsuspected way, as they had begged of God, Ezra 8:21.

Verse 35

Which were come out of the captivity, to wit, these new comers, whom God had safely conducted hither.

Verse 36

In the adorning and furnishing of it with these vessels and other conveniences; and in promoting God’s worship and service therein.

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