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Bible Commentaries

Peake's Commentary on the Bible


- Matthew

by Arthur Peake



Introduction.— A well-known passage in Eusebius ( Hist., iii. 39) quotes Papias, Bishop of Hierapolis ( c. A.D. 125) as saying: “ Matthew, in the Hebrew dialect, compiled the Logia, and each one interpreted them according to his ability.” Irenæ us (c. 180) has a similar remark ( Haer., iii. 1), and adds a date: “ When Peter and Paul were preaching in Rome and founding the Church.” Papias’ s statement has been taken by many scholars to refer to a collection of sayings of Jesus, [77] with a certain amount of narrative, in fact the hypothetical source called Q (pp. 672, 675f.) which lies behind our First and Third Gospels. Our Mt. is not the work of an apostle (an eyewitness would not have depended so much on earlier writings), nor is it a translation from a Hebrew or Aramaic original. But if Matthew did as Papias asserts, we can understand how his name would be given to the Gospel which most completely incorporated his work.