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Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary

2 Timothy

- 2 Timothy

by Robert Hawker



IT hath been the generally received opinion in the Church in all ages, that this second Epistle to Timothy was the last the Apostle ever wrote. And, from that memorable expression, in the last Chapter of it, where he speaks of the time of his departure being at hand; 2 Timothy 4:6 . it certainly becomes highly probable. It is supposed to have been written after an interval of full nine years, from the former: and bears date, Anno 64.

We are more interested to ascertain the characters of inspiration in it than to be particularly anxious in ascertaining the date. And this divine mark is in every Chapter and verse, more or less. Very plain and positive proofs we have, that He who guided Paul's tongue to preach Christ, here guided his pen to record him. I do not think it necessary, in these general observations, to go over the outlines of the Epistle, being in itself so short. But I cannot enter upon it, without first begging the Lord the Spirit, to open and explain all the blessed contents of it to our hearts, that our, faith in Him, may not be founded in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.