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Saturday, July 13th, 2024
the Week of Proper 9 / Ordinary 14
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Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

- Joshua

by Robert Hawker



THIS Book of God takes its name from Joshua, not perhaps from his being the writer of it, for it is more than probable that he did not write it, more likely, as some think, to have been Phinehas: but because it treats principally of him and his victories in the conquest of Canaan, as captain of the Lord's host. And as by name, as well as in this character, he was an eminent type of the Almighty Joshua, nothing could have been more suitable than that in the history of the church's taking possession of Canaan, it should be recorded in his name, who evidently in all he did in this great work, typified a greater than himself even the Lord Jesus Christ.

In point of history, the Book of Joshua contains all, the great events which took place in the Church of God, from the death of Moses to the death of Joshua, a period of somewhat more than twenty years: during which time the conquest of Canaan, and the division of it among the tribes of Israel, were accomplished.

It forms a memorable period in the history of the church, and especially so when considered with an eye to the spiritual conquest of the church over her enemies by the true Joshua, in subduing all opposition, and bridging his people auto that rest which remaineth, for the people of God.

Reader! one request I have to make of you through the whole of the perusal of this history. Seek grace from him whose office it is to glorify Jesus, that in the conduct of Joshua in leading on the people of God to victory, you may look beyond the type, and behold the outlines of him, whose very office, as Joshua's was, is to save his people, to go before them, to conquer for them, and finally to give them all an inheritance among them that are sanctified. Oh thou Almighty Joshua! thou Captain of Salvation, who art bringing many sons unto glory, may I behold thee going before me in all the victories over sin, death, hell, and the grave; and drying up the Jordans of affliction, trials, temptations and difficulties, through which thou art leading me. Dearest Jesus! do thou lead on, and lead me out, and give me grace to follow, until thou shalt bring me in to behold thy glory, and dwell with thee forever!

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