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Saturday, May 18th, 2024
Eve of Pentacost
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Bible Commentaries

Benson's Commentary of the Old and New TestamentsBenson's Commentary

- Ruth

by Joseph Benson



THIS book, which derives its title from the person whose history constitutes the principal part of it, is placed between the book of Judges and the two books of Samuel, as being the sequel of, or a kind of supplement to, the former, and an introduction to the latter. It is very probable that the historian who compiled the book of Judges likewise wrote this, namely, Samuel, who hath thus brought down the history to his own times. St. Jerome informs us that the Jews annexed it to the book of Judges, because the transactions of which it treats happened in the time of the judges: and several of the ancient fathers comprised both these books in one. The principal design of this book seems evidently to be to inform us of the origin of the family of David, with a part of whose genealogy it concludes, and thereby to lead us to Christ, who descended from Ruth. But it also unfolds the providence of God superintending the affairs of his people, and teaches us to acknowledge Him in all our ways, that he may direct our steps.

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