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Song of Solomon 8

Sermon Bible CommentarySermon Bible Commentary

Verses 13-14

Song of Solomon 8:13-14

I. Notice the title by which the Church is addressed. "Thou that dwellest in the gardens." (1) A garden is an enclosed space taken from the surrounding uncultivated waste connected with it, but yet not of it; separated and distinct from all around. Is not this true of the Church of the Redeemer? (2) A garden is designed for a special and peculiar purpose. So it is with the Church of the Redeemer. God has a special design to carry out in those whom He calls to be members of the mystical body of Christ: they have been redeemed from iniquity that they should be a peculiar people to show forth the praises of Him who hath called them out of darkness into His marvellous light. (3) We generally find that a garden is protected or defended by a wall or fence against the intrusion of those who would enter to steal or injure. So it is with the Church: it is guarded by all the Divine attributes; it is defended by the Almighty power of God. (4) The productions of a garden are not such as naturally grow or spring up of themselves. Does not this apply to the soil of the human heart? (5) We have in a garden great variety. So with the Church of the Redeemer. The gifts of God are different, and the callings of God are different.

II. Look next at our Lord's address to the Church (Song of Solomon 8:13 ). "The companions hearken to Thy voice." This presupposes that amongst all true disciples of Christ there is mutual intercourse or fellowship, that they converse one with another on the things which belong to their everlasting peace. The warning is that we must never allow fellowship one with another to supersede fellowship with Christ Himself.

III. Notice the response which the Church makes to this address. "Make haste, my beloved, and be thou like to a roe or to a young hart upon the mountains of spices." These words are to be regarded as a prayer for the return of the Saviour, and there are three senses in which we may understand this as a prayer for the coming of Christ: (1) It may be a prayer of the believer for the coming of Christ in the fuller revelation of Himself to His own soul; (2) we may understand this as a prayer for Christ's return to His Church; (3) we may understand it as a prayer for the coming of Christ in His glory.

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