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Bible Commentaries

Coke's Commentary on the Holy Bible

2 Kings 12

Verse 2

2 Kings 12:2. Jehoash did that which was right, &c.— We refer to the parallel place in Chronicles, for a fuller account of this king and his proceedings after the death of Jehoiada.

Verse 4

2 Kings 12:4. Even the money of every one that passeth the account "Whether of the money of those that pass by, or the money with which every man will redeem his soul; all the money, in fine, which it shall seem good to any one to bring into the house of the Lord." Houbigant.

Verse 13

2 Kings 12:13. Howbeit, there were not made for the house of the Lord, &c.— For not yet were made for the house of the Lord, bowls, &c. Houbigant.

Verse 18

2 Kings 12:18. And sent it to Hazael king of Syria It is highly probable, that besides the present of gold, which Jehoash sent to Hazael in order to bribe him to withdraw his army, he had made him a promise of an annual tribute, and that, upon his refusal to pay it, the Syrian army took the field the next year, and, as the expression is, 2 Chronicles 24:24 executed judgment upon Joash; for, according to the author of the Jewish traditions upon the second book of Chronicles, while they killed his children before his eyes, they upbraided him with the cruel and unjust death of Zechariah. See Calmet.

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