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1 Chronicles 6

Whedon's Commentary on the BibleWhedon's Commentary


In this chapter we have, first, a genealogy of the sons of Levi, 1 Chronicles 6:1-53, with some incidental remarks concerning their several offices and works, and secondly, a list of their dwellingplaces. This latter agrees substantially with that of Joshua 21:0; the former is in some respects defective, and in other respects more extensive than other recorded genealogies of Levi. The genealogies of Levi were next in importance and interest to those of Judah, and the various scattered lists were doubtless preserved with the greatest care by the returned exiles.

Verse 31

31. Whom David set over the service of song See on 1 Chronicles 15:16.

Verse 32

32. Before the dwellingplace of the tabernacle The dwelling, ( mishcan,) as distinguished from the tabernacle, ( ohel,) was the board structure and its covering of ornamented curtains which formed the principal part of the sacred tent. Those who ministered before the mishcan must have occupied the court, where the laver and the altar of burnt offering stood.

According to their order The order assigned to them by David. On the divisions and arrangement of the sons of Levi, see chaps. 23-26 .

Verse 54

54. Throughout their castles Rather, according to their castles, or encampments. These “castles” are thought by some to have been some kind of watchtower, from which the trumpets were sounded a use similar to that made by the Moslems of their minarets. But most expositors, as Gesenius, Furst, Keil, Zochler, take the word in the sense of hamlet, district, or circle of dwellings, such as were assigned to the Levites among the several tribes.

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