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Daily Devotionals

'Every Day Light' with Selwyn Hughes

Devotional: August 27th

"... joy will accompany him in his work all the days of [his] life ..." (v. 15)

For Reading and Meditation:
     Ecclesiastes 8:9-15

This section begins with a warning for those who are in positions of authority. Those who lord it over others in an unfair way will hurt themselves more than they hurt others. It might feel good to ride roughshod over people's thoughts and feelings, but in the end the one who acts in this way is demeaned as a person. He becomes less of a human being - a consequence every leader ought to work strenuously to avoid. From here Solomon focuses on several mysteries, things we are all aware of, but for which we have no really clear answers. The first is this - wicked people being praised at their funeral (v. 10). Ever witnessed such a situation? It bothered Solomon so much he called it "meaningless." A second thing that mystified Solomon was why a sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out (v. 11). If Solomon was living in our day when rapists and psychopaths on remand are let out to re-enact their crimes, he would not simply say it is meaningless - he would go berserk. A third thing that mystified the wise king is something he has mentioned once before - the mystery of how Providence seems to treat the good as though they were wicked and the wicked as though they were good. Solomon's way of dealing with mystery is quite simple: eat, drink, and put your trust in God (v. 15). In other words, continue the routines of life and keep going even though the mysteries remain unsolved. With God we can cope with anything that comes, even though we can't explain it.

Father, I see that if I can take this fact on board then I have one of the greatest keys of life. Help me to still serve You and love You even in the absence of explanations. This I ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.

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