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the Second Week of Lent
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Golden Treasury
Devotional: December 7th

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Take this child away, and nurse it for me, and I will give thee thy wages, Exodus 2:9.

As Moses was ordered to be saved by the most cruel enemy’s daughter; so Satan himself, even when he meditates our destruction, must be a means of our life. See also, Matthew 12:48. Who is my mother? Isaiah 8:10. Isaiah 9:6. O Lord Jesus, thou being also a child born unto me, and I willing to receive thee as my’ Emmanuel, I shall certainly have good wages, nay, even thou wilt be my shield and exceeding great reward, and defend me powerfully against all mine enemies. O my dear Saviour, since thou art mine, all is mine, even thy Father, thy Spirit, and thy heavenly glory; all accidents, all enemies must work for my good, and be instruments and ministers of my salvation.

O that I may never fear any thing, but thinking directly, it is mine, may only make good use of every thing. Thus even the very worst would turn to my greatest blessing; and without it perhaps I should want such a needful thing, as if a mill or a ship was destitute of wind and water.

My soul surveys thy happiness,

If thou art found a child of grace;

How richly is the gospel stored!
What joy the promises afford!

All things are new, the gift of God,
And purchased with our Saviour’s blood;
While the good Spirit, shows us how
To use, and to enjoy them too.

If peace and plenty crown my days,
They help me Lord to speak thy praise;
If bread of sorrow be my food,
These sorrows work my real good.

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