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Daily Devotionals

Day by Day Devotional - Year 2 of 5

Devotional: January 25th

Judges 14:1-13

It was a great privilege for Samson to be born into a family where God was known personally and feared. Perhaps we have had the same privilege – then let us take heed to the story of this man. It starts well (Judges 13:24-25). But alas! when he reaches the age to take a wife, he chooses her from among the Philistines against the advice of his parents. What a bitter experience! How many young people have done the same since then! They have entered on the way of marriage with a partner who is pleasant to the eye (v. 3), without trying to find out first whether he or she is the one of whom the Lord would approve.

In order to have a clear understanding of Samson’s story, we must remember that there is in it what man does. How sad this is! But there is also what God does through him (using even his shortcomings; see v. 4). How glorious this is! And what God accomplishes through Samson, this strong man set apart to deliver Israel, on more than one occasion reminds us of Jesus, who is the true Nazarite and the great Victor of the cross. Satan, the roaring lion, appeared to the Lord on His journey through life and He conquered him. He did it in such a way that the terrible adversary no longer has any power over the believer who, when he encounters Satan, can lean on the Lord.

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