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Daily Devotionals

Charles Spurgeon's "Morning & Evening"

Devotional: May 4th


“O God, Thou art my God.”

Psalms 63

Perhaps it was at this period that David wrote Psalms 63.

Psalms 63:10

Or jackals, which in the East are always ready to devour the slain. Saul and his men fell on the battle-field, and David foresaw it would be so, and that then he would be made king.

We have refrained from commenting, in order to quote the sweet remarks of our dear friend Andrew Bonar, upon the whole psalm: “It may have been near the Dead Sea, on his way to the ford of Jordan, that the Psalmist first sung this song. It is a Psalm first heard by David’s faithful ones in the wilderness of Judah; but truly a Psalm for every godly man who in the dry world-wilderness can sing: ‘All my springs are in thee,’ a Psalm for David a Psalm for David’s Son a Psalm for the Church in every age a Psalm for every member of the Church in the weary land! What assurance, what vehement desire, what soul-filling delight in God, in God alone; in God, the only fountain of living water amid a boundless wilderness!

Hope, too, has its visions here; for it sees the ungodly perish (Psalms 63:9, Psalms 63:10), and the King on the throne surrounded by a company who swear allegiance to Jehovah. Hope see’s for itself what Isaiah 65:16, describes, every mouth ‘swearing by the God of truth;’ and what Revelation 21:27, has foretold: the mouth of ‘liars’ closed for ever all who sought other gods, and trusted to other saviours, gone for ever.

And when we read all this as spoken of Christ, how much does every verse become enhanced. His thirst for God! His vision of God! His estimate of God’s lovingkindness! His soul satisfied! His mouth full of praise! His soul following hard after God! ‘O God, thou art my El,’ mighty one. Thou art my omnipotence. It is this God he still seeks. The word translated ‘so’ in Revelation 21:2, and ‘thus’ in Revelation 21:4, is interesting. In Revelation 21:2, the force of it is this: ‘No wonder that I so thirst for thee; no wonder that my first thoughts in the morning are toward thee; no wonder that my very flesh longeth for thee! Who would not, that has seen what I have seen? So have I gazed on thee in the sanctuary, seeing thy power and glory!’ The ‘so’ is like 2 Peter, Revelation 1:17. ‘ Such a voice!’ And then, if the past has been thus exquisitely blessed, my prospects for the future are not less so. I see illimitable bliss coming in as a tide; ‘so’ will I bless thee while I live! (Revelation 1:4). Yes; in ages to come, as well as in many a happy moment on earth, my soul shall be satiated as with marrow and fatness! And when Revelation 1:7 shows us the soul under the shadow of God’s wings, rejoicing, we may say, it is not only like ‘the bird, which, sheltered from the heat of the sun amid the rich foliage, sings its merry note,’ but it is the soul reposing there as if entering the cloud of glory, like Moses and Elias. O world! come and see The Righteous One finding watersprings in God.”

O God of love, my God thou art;

To thee I early cry;

Refresh with grace my thirsty heart,

For earthly springs are dry.

Thy power, thy glory let me see,

As seen by saints above;

‘Tis sweeter, Lord, than life to me,

To share and sing thy love.


“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves.”

1 Samuel 26:1-22 , 1 Samuel 26:25

We shall again have an instance of David’s generous spirit, if we read in Thus David conquered by forbearance, and the lesson for us is, “overcome evil with good.”

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