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Charles Spurgeon's "Morning & Evening"
Devotional: May 27th

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“Now will I sing to my Well-beloved a song.”

Song of Song of Solomon 3:6-11

That the poetical nature of the Song of Solomon may be more clearly seen, we have now before us a passage in which the original form of the Canticle is preserved, and its meaning made more clear by an improved translation.

Song of Song of Solomon 3:6

The first speakers are the Daughters of Jerusalem.

Song of Song of Solomon 3:7-11

The Friends of the Bridegroom then reply.

Then follows a song of The King, in which he extols the beauty of his bride.

Song of Song of Solomon 4:1-7

Song of Song of Solomon 4:1-7

In the first song the king is seen in his travelling palanquin or chariot-bed, coming up from the wilderness. We may expound the picture as representing our Lord and King going up into his glory from this wilderness world. Mark the sweet odours of his merits, and the smoke of his sacrifice, observe also the attendant angels, as Milton calls them, “the helmed cherubim and the sworded seraphim,” who, having kept watch around him in the wilderness, now attend him to swell the pomp of his ascension. Thus will Jesus come a second time, and his church shall go forth and gaze upon him. That glorious chariot of love, whose purple canopy well sets forth the atoning blood, is his salvation in which the church rides and rests with her Lord. Happy those who are in it by faith.

The song in which the king extols his bride will be understood by those who know that the imputed righteousness of the Lord Jesus puts upon the saints a perfect comeliness, so that they are “all fair” in the sight of God. Every single line has its meaning, and spiritual minds will find great delight in reading the works of such writers as Gill, or Durham, or. Moody Stuart, upon this priceless book.


“Come with me from Lebanon, my spouse.”

Song of Song of Solomon 4:8-16

Our last reading gave us two parts of a delightful Canticle: we will now read the third portion, in which the King is the chief speaker, and rejoices to extol his bride, even as the Lord Jesus rejoiceth over his church.

The King thus speaks

Song of Song of Solomon 4:8

Jesus would have us look above the highest earthly delights, and leave all earthly loves for his sake. Shall he say, “Come with me,” and shall we refuse to follow? Hear how he sets forth his love to us, his jay over us.

Song of Song of Solomon 4:9

Though but one grace be seen in us, Jesus spies it out, and is charmed with it; such is his condescending love.

Song of Song of Solomon 4:10 , Song of Solomon 4:11

In the esteem of Jesus, the love, the spirit, the words, and the outward conduct of his people are all acceptable.

Song of Song of Solomon 4:12-15

Jesus thus extols his beloved Church, but having done so, he intercedes for her that the Holy Spirit may visit her, for what would she be without him? Listen to the Redeemer’s prayer.

Song of Song of Solomon 4:16

Moved by the love of her Lord, and influenced by the Spirit, the Church begs the Lord to come nearer to her.

To her he answers lovingly.

Song of Song of Solomon 5:1

Song of Song of Solomon 5:1

Jesus accepts us and our fruits; let us therefore rejoice in him and feast upon him.

He calls me from the lion’s den,

From this wild world of beasts and men,

To Zion, where his glories are

Not Lebanon is half so fair;

Nor dens of prey, nor flowery plains,

Nor earthly joys, nor earthly pains,

Shall hold my feet, or force my stay,

When Christ invites my soul away.

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