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Charles Spurgeon's "Morning & Evening"
Devotional: November 15th

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“When I would do good, evil is present with me.”

Romans 7

Romans 7:1

There is no deliverance from its power but by death; but, blessed be God, we were crucified with Christ, and as new creatures we are under the rule of grace and. are not under the dominion of law.

Romans 7:2-4

Jesus is our husband, grace is the ruling principle of his house, and holiness is the fruit of the marriage. Glory be to God for this!

Romans 7:5 , Romans 7:6

Law provoked our old nature to rebel, grace impels the new nature to obey.

Romans 7:7-10

The evil in us resented the divine command, and so the holy law aroused the enmity of our nature, and we rushed on to death. This was not the fault of the law, but of our depraved hearts; yet so it was.

Romans 7:15

Such is our complex condition. We are new creatures, but the old man struggles within us to get the mastery.

Romans 7:16 , Romans 7:17

The new I sins not, but the old nature is sin, and remains what it always was.

Romans 7:21

law or rule

Romans 7:22 , Romans 7:23

This is the believers riddle, which only regenerate men can understand. Do we know what it means?

Romans 7:25

So that on the one hand he agonizes, and on the other hand he triumphs. Loathing sin and glorying in Christ are our daily experience. Groaning after holiness, and finding it in Jesus, we both sigh and sing, repent and rejoice, fight and conquer. This is not a past, but a present experience, and he is a true heir of heaven who feels it within.


“If children, then heirs.”

Romans 8:1-18

He who comprehends the struggle of the seventh chapter is the man to enjoy the blessed elevation of the eighth. It is well to experience in due order the truths which God reveals, indeed they cannot be rightly known except in their relation the one to the other.

Romans 8:1

They are not condemned and cannot be, They struggle, they mourn, they weep, but condemned they are not. These happy men are known by their character, the old nature does not rule them, the Holy Spirit guides their lives, both in their secret walk with God and in their public conversation among men.

Romans 8:3

in that it was weak through the flesh, God has done by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh

Romans 8:4

The principle of law produced no holiness in us, but Jesus has condemned sin and created a new life in our hearts, and thus he has brought forth in our lives the conformity to God which legal terrors never produced.

Romans 8:7 , Romans 8:8

Since their mind is enmity to him, their acts cannot please him; renewed men are at peace with God, and their persons are acceptable to him, and hence their lives please him.

Romans 8:9 , Romans 8:10

Though our inner nature is transformed, the body still suffers and tempts us to sin; but even the body is the Lord’s and is yet to be changed.

Romans 8:15

A noble cry, with far more true eloquence in it than all the orations of Cicero and Demosthenes. Can we look up to God and cry “Abba, Father”? Then are we miracles of divine grace.

Romans 8:16

Our new nature claims kinship with God, the Holy Ghost confirms the claim, and hence comes our full assurance.

Romans 8:17

This is a chain made of diamond links. It leads us from the cradle of regeneration to the perfection of glory, by sure steps, each one firm as the throne of God. Are we children? Then we shall be glorified with Christ.

Romans 8:18

Here the rule of proportion is calmly applied, and by heavenly arithmetic it is shown that our present griefs are hardly worth a thought, for eternal glory so infinitely transcends them. Blessed be the Lord God of our salvation for ever and ever. Amen.

If in my Father’s love

I share a filial part,

Send down thy Spirit, like a dove,

To rest upon my heart.

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