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Daily Devotionals

Our Daily Homily - Volume 3

Devotional: January 25th

Jeremiah 13:11—That they might be unto Me for a people, and for a name, and for a glory.

Israel had the opportunity of becoming a people, a name, and a glory; but they would not. In their declension and refusal God has turned to the Church, largely chosen from among the Gentiles, and in which we by his grace have a part. To us their privileges are offered. Let us gladly avail ourselves of them, and become unto God the people of his inheritance, in whom He may find a welcome and a home. Oh to be a name to Him, so that men may understand and revere Him the better because of what we are! Oh to be a glory to Him, so that He may account us as his choice ornament and jewel! Oh to be as intimately united to Him as the girdle worn on the prophet’s loins!

Our hearts misgive us as we write or read. How can such things be? Behold, like that same girdle we have become marred and profitless. Yet, there is one phrase here which is radiant with hope: "As the girdle cleaveth... so have I caused to cleave." "Caused to cleave." We are not able to cleave; we have so often tried to, and failed; but now we come in humble eagerness before Him, and say, "Cause us to cleave, O God; cause us to walk in thy ways; cause us to do thy will; cause us to be a people, a name, and a glory unto Thyself."

"O man," Tersteegen said, "whoever you are, stand still for a moment, and think earnestly of the high dignity for which you were created and sent into the world by God. You were not made for time and for passing things, but for God and eternity, and to have your heart filled with God and with the things eternal. Yield yourself up fearlessly to his mighty working, and be still, and welcome Him in his gracious operation in the heart."

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