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Annunciation, the
A Feast of the Church held on March 25th, to commemorate the visit of the Angel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to announce to her the Incarnation
Apostles' Creed
The shorter form of the Creed as set forth in the Prayer Book is called the Apostles' Creed because it was generally believed to have been composed by
Apostolic Fathers
(See FATHERS, THE). Apostolic Succession—"The fundamental principle of the Christian Ministry is, that it is derived from our Blessed Lord Himself,
The Benedicite is taken from the Apocryphal Book of "The Song of the Three Children" and has been used from very ancient times as a hymn in Christian
The canticle beginning "Blessed be the Lord God of Israel," used after the Second Lesson at Morning Prayer. It is the song uttered by Zacharias on the
Canonical Hours
Seven stated hours appointed for devotional exercises, viz., Nocturns, Matins with Lauds, Prime, Tierce, Sext, Nones, and Vespers with Compline. Each
The word "Catholic" was very early adopted as descriptive of the Church founded by our Lord and His Apostles. It means universal, or embracing all. In
Church Colors
Also called Liturgical colors. From the most ancient times it has been customary to deck the Church's Altar with hangings of rich material which vary
Equivalent to the Purification among the Jews, and which in the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary is commemorated as a Feast of the Church on February 2.
Cross, the
Among the ancients death by crucifixion was a very common mode of execution. Among the Romans, death on the cross was regarded as the most degraded death
Dedication, Feast of
The annual commemoration of the consecration of a Church building is so called. From ancient authors we learn that when Christianity became prosperous
Divine Service
In the old rubrical usage of the Church, "Divine Service" always meant the Holy Communion, which was also called the Divine Liturgy. The central point
Any form or verse in which glory is ascribed to God or the Blessed Trinity, for example, the Gloria in Excelsis, which is called the greater Doxology,
Early Communion
From the very earliest ages of the Church it has been the custom to begin the devotions of the Lord's Day with the Holy Communion celebrated at an early
Easter Even
The day between Good Friday and Easter Day is so called and commemorates the Descent of our Blessed Lord's soul into Hell (the place of departed spirits),
Symbols and emblems of various kinds take a foremost place in sacred Art. Some of these are here given: THE CROSS is the special symbol of Christianity.
A Hebrew word used as a name of our Lord, and means, "God with us." The Rev. Morgan Dix, D.D., in his book "The Gospel and Philosophy," speaking of the
Fair Linen Cloth, Fair White Linen Cloth
In the Communion Office there are two rubrics, the first of which reads as follows: "The Table, at the Communion time having a fair white linen cloth
Feasts or Festivals
Days set apart for the celebration of some great event connected with our Blessed Lord or His Saints, also called Holy Days. The rubric in the Communion
General Clergy Relief Fund
This is the abbreviated title of a Society organized by the General Convention under the corporate name, "The Trustees of the Fund for the Relief of the
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