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Gifts of the Holy Ghost, Sevenfold
The gifts bestowed on the Baptized by the Laying on of Hands in Confirmation, viz.: "the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and
Holy Ghost, the
The Third Person of the Blessed Trinity. It is of faith to believe that God the Holy Ghost is a Person, not simply an influence as the vagueness of modern
Procession of the Holy Ghost
The word "Procession" is used to express the relation in the Blessed Trinity between the Father and the Holy Ghost. As we believe that the Son is eternally
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A term used to designate the ceremonial washing of the sacred vessels after Holy Communion, with wine and water which are reverently consumed by the Priest.
The forgiveness of sins on earth by the Son of Man through His agents, the Bishops and Priests of the Church. Their commission is embodied in the words
A word derived from the Greek, and used to designate one who serves the Priest in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. His chief duties are to arrange
The pouring (which the word means) of water on the recipient of Baptism, when the Baptism is not by immersion. Questions have arisen from the very earliest
A Greek word meaning love. The name given to the "Love Feast" or social meal which the ancient Christians were accustomed to have when they came together
Agnus Dei
Meaning "The Lamb of God." This is the name given to the prayer "O Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us," to be found
All Saints' Day
A Feast held on November 1, in commemoration of all saints of the Church who are not commemorated on other days. This Festival is very dear to the hearts
Almanac, Church
An annual publication setting forth the dates and times of the Holy Days and Seasons of the Church's year, with the table of Lessons, directions concerning
The Holy Table, of wood or stone, on which the Sacrament of the Lord's Body and Blood is offered to God as a "Sacrifice of Praise and Thanksgiving." "Altar"
Altar Cross
The cross surmounting the Altar, made usually of polished brass or of some precious metal. The Altar Cross is handed down to us from the Primitive Church,
Altar Lights
Two candles in candlesticks placed on the retable of the Altar and lighted at the celebration of the Holy Eucharist; frequently called Eucharistic Lights.
Altar Linen
The linen pieces used in decorating the Altar for the celebration of the Holy Communion are so called. There is first the "fair white linen cloth," the
Altar Rail
The railing enclosing the Sanctuary in which the Altar stands, and at which the communicants kneel in receiving the Holy Communion, is called, in the
A Hebrew word meaning "so be it," or "so it is," as it is used at the end of prayers, hymns or Creed. It signifies approval of, or assent to, what has
American Church, the
The name, and one that is growing in popularity, that is generally given to the body legally known as "The Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States
the greek name for the offering or, oblation in the holy eucharist and is usually applied to that portion of the office beginning with "lift up your hearts" and including the prayer of consecration. all that precedes this is called the proanaphora (which see).
Andrew, Feast of Saint
A Holy Day of the Church observed on November 30, and is of very ancient date. It is known to have been observed since A.D. 360. St. Andrew was of Bethsaida
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