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Bishop, Election of
The provisions made by the general canons of the American Church for the election of a Bishop are as follows: The Bishop of a Diocese is elected by the
Board of Managers (2)
Comprises the Presiding Bishop, fifteen other Bishops, fifteen Presbyters and fifteen Laymen selected from the Missionary Council. The Board of Managers,
Church Building Fund
A very important and helpful organization exists in the American Church known as "The American Church Building Fund Commission." It was established October
An Ecclesiastical title; the presiding officer of a Cathedral. The word is derived from the Latin decanus, meaning one presiding over ten. In England
The office of a Bishop. The term is variously used. It means not only the office or dignity of a Bishop, but it may also mean the period of time during
General Convention, the
The legislative body of the American Church which meets triennially and is composed of the Bishops and Representatives from all the Dioceses and Missionary
the name given to a metropolitan or archbishop who is the presiding bishop of a national church.
The name given to certain grouping together of two or more Dioceses for the more convenient management of the work and legislation of the Church. The
The official title of the Priest who has charge of a Parish and as such is its ruler, guide and director. The word means "one who rules." Like other organizations,
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