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In Scripture, is often connected with the presence of Jehovah; as in the burning bush, and on Mount Sinai, Exodus 3:2 19:18 Psalm 18:1-50 Habakkuk 1:1-3:19 . The second coming of Christ will be "in flaming fire," 2 Thessalonians 1:8 . In the New Testament it illustrates the enlightening, cheering, and purifying agency of the Holy Spirit, Matthew 3:11 Acts 2:3 . By sending fire from heaven to consume sacrifices, God often signified his acceptance of them: as in the case of Abel, Genesis 4:4; Abraham, Genesis 15:17; Manoah, Judges 13:19-20; Elijah, 1 Kings 18:38; and at the dedication of the tabernacle and the temple, Leviticus 9:24 2 Chronicles 7:1 . This sacred fire was preserved by the priests with the utmost care, Isaiah 31:9 , in many ancient religions fire was worshipped; and children were made to pass through the fire to Moloch, 2 Kings 17:17 Jeremiah 7:31 Ezekiel 16:21 23:37 . The Jews had occasion for fires, except for cooking, only during a small part of the year. Besides their ordinary hearths and ovens, they warmed their apartments with "a fire of coals" in a brazier, Jeremiah 36:22-23 Luke 22:30 . The were forbidden to kindle a fire on the Sabbath, Exodus 35:3 a prohibition perhaps only of cooking on that day, but understood by many Jews even now in the fullest extent; it is avoided by employing gentile servants. Another provision of the Mosaic Law was designed to protect the standing corn, etc., in the dry summer season, Exodus 22:6 . The earth is to be destroyed by fire, 2 Peter 3:7; of which the destruction of Sodom, and the volcanoes and earthquakes which so often indicate the internal commotions of the globe, may serve as warnings.

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