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UZ, or more correctly Huz (Genesis 22:21). A country and a people near the Sabeans and the Chaldees (Job 1:1; Job 1:15; Job 1:17); accessible to the Temanites, the Shuhites (Job 2:11), and the Buzites (Job 32:2). The Edomites once possessed it (Jeremiah 25:20; Lamentations 4:21). Suited for sheep, oxen, asses, and camels (Job 1:3). From an inscription of Esarhaddon it appears there were in central Arabia, beyond the jebel Shomer, about the modern countries of upper and lower Kaseem, two regions, Bazu and Khazu, answering to Buz and Huz. Uz therefore was in the middle of northern Arabia, not far from the famous district of the Nejd. Ptolemy mentions the Aesitae (related to "Uz") as in the northern part of Arabia Deserta, near Babylon and the Euphrates. The name occurs

(1) in Genesis 10:23 as son of Aram and grandson (as "son" means in 1 Chronicles 1:17) of Shem;

(2) as son of Nahor by Milcah (Genesis 22:21);

(3) as son of Dishan and grandson of Seir (Genesis 36:28). Evidently the more ancient and northerly members of the Aramaic family coalesced with some of the later Abrahamids holding a central position in Mesopotamia, and subsequently with those still later, the Edomites of the S.

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