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Affliction: Attendant Upon Honor

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In the ancient times, a box on the car given by a master to a slave meant liberty, little would the freedman care how hard was the blow. By a stroke from the sword the warrior was knighted by his monarch, small matter was it to the new-made knight if the royal hand was heavy. When the Lord intends to lift his servants into a higher stage of spiritual life, he frequently sends them a severe trial. He makes his Jacobs to be prevailing princes, but he confers the honor after a night of wrestling, and accompanies it with a shrunken sinew. Be it so, who among us would wish to be deprived of the trials if they are the necessary attendants of spiritual advancement?

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Spurgeon, Charles. Entry for 'Affliction: Attendant Upon Honor'. Spurgeon's Illustration Collection.​dictionaries/​eng/​fff/​a/affliction-attendant-upon-honor.html. 1870.