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Resignation: Sustained by Faith

Spurgeon's Illustration Collection

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The habit of resignation is the root of peace. A godly child had a ring given him by his mother, and he greatly' prized it, but on a sudden he unhappily lost his ring, and he cried bitterly. Recollecting himself, he stepped aside and prayed; after which his sister laughingly said to him, 'Brother, what is the good of praying about a ring: will praying bring back your ring?' 'No, sister,' said he, 'perhaps not, but praying has done this for me, it has made me quite willing to do without the ring, if it is God's will; and is not that almost as good as having it?' Thus faith quiets us by resignation, as a babe is hushed in his mother's bosom. Faith makes us quite willing to do without the mercy which once we prized; and when the heart is content to be without the outward blessing, it is as happy as it would be with it; for it is at rest.

Bibliography Information
Spurgeon, Charles. Entry for 'Resignation: Sustained by Faith'. Spurgeon's Illustration Collection. https://www.studylight.org/​dictionaries/​eng/​fff/​r/resignation-sustained-by-faith.html. 1870.
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