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(awehr' uhn) Moses' brother; Israel's first high priest. He figures prominently in Exodus through Numbers and then is mentioned in Deuteronomy 9-10 ;
(ab' uh nuh) or ABANAH (NASB) River in Damascus in Syria. In his anger Naaman wanted to wash here rather than in the dirty Jordan (2 Kings 5:12
(ab' duh) name meaning, “servant” for two men. 1. the father of adoniram, whom solomon entrusted with his labor force (1 kings 4:6 ). 2 . a levite living in jerusalem rather than in one of the levitical cities (nehemiah 11:17 ). he is also called obadiah (1 chronicles 9:16 ).
(ab' dahn) Geographical and personal name meaning “service” or “servile.” 1. A city from the tribe of Asher given the Levites
Abel-Beth-Maachah or Abel-Beth-Maacah
(NAS, NIV, RSV). (ay' behl-behth-may' uh cuh) See 2 Samuel 20:1-22 ). Ben-hadad, king of Syria, answered the call for help of Asa, king of Judah
(ay' behl-ma' ihm) place name meaning, “brook of the waters.” used in 2 chronicles 16:4 for place called abel-beth-maachah in 1 kings 15:20 . if abel-maim is a different city, its precise location east of the jordan is not known.
(ay' behl-meh hoh' lah) Place name meaning, “brook of the round dancing.” A border town or towns whose location(s) is uncertain. Gideon fought
or abijah (niv) (ay' bi) personal name meaning, “my father.” mother of king hezekiah (2 kings 18:2 ).
(uh bi' uh thahr) Personal name meaning, “father of abundance.” The son of Ahimelech and the eleventh high priest in succession from Aaron
OR ABIJAM (uh bi' jah) Personal name meaning, “my Father is Yahweh.” 1. Second son of Samuel whose crooked acts as judge led Israel to demand
(uh bihm' eh lehch) Personal name meaning, “My father is king.” 1. King of Gerar, who took Sarah for himself, thinking she was Abraham's
(uh bihn' uh dab) Personal name meaning, “my father is generous.” 1. Resident of Kirjath-jearim whose house was resting place of ark of the
(uh bi' ram) Personal name meaning, “my father is exalted.” 1. Leader of rebellion against Moses and Aaron seeking priestly authority. He
(ab' ih sshag) Personal name meaning, “my father strayed” or “is a wanderer.” A young virgin or “maiden” (RSV) brought
(uhb' ih sshuh lohm) personal name meaning, “my father is peace.” another spelling for absalom (1kings 15:2,1 kings 15:10 ). see absalom .
are ceremonial washings with water to make oneself pure before worship. The practice of ablutions is one background for New Testament baptism. The Hebrew
A translation of Hebrew cherem, a technical term in warfare for items captured from the enemy and devoted to God. See Numbers 21:2 ); “put everyone
(ach' bawr) Personal name meaning, “mouse.” 1. Father of king in Edom (Genesis 36:38 ). 2 . Man King Josiah commissioned to ask God the meaning
(ay' chissh) Philistine personal name. 1. King of Gath, a Philistine city, to whom David fled in fear of Saul (1 Samuel 21:10 ). David played the
(uh dawee' uh) Personal name meaning, “Yahweh has adorned.” 1. Grandfather of King Josiah (2 Kings 22:1 ). 2 . A Levite, one of the
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