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Satan, Synagogue of
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(ssay' tuhn) Transliteration of Hebrew word meaning, “adversary.” The Hebrew term appears in Numbers 22:22 ,Numbers 22:22,22:32; 1 Samuel 29:4; 2 Samuel 19:22; 1 Kings 5:4; 1Kings 11:14,1Kings 11:23,1 Kings 11:25; Psalm 109:6 , normally translated in English as adversary or accuser. In Job 1-2; Zechariah 3:2; and 1 Chronicles 21:1 the same term is translated as a proper name. See Devil, Satan, Evil, Demonic .

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Butler, Trent C. Editor. Entry for 'Satan'. Holman Bible Dictionary.​dictionaries/​eng/​hbd/​s/satan.html. 1991.