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(ssihc' uh mohre) A combination “fig” and “mulberry” tree (Ficus sycomorus) indicating the fig tree in the Jordan valley that had leaves like our mulberry tree. Its fruit was inferior to the fig tree and had to be punctured to make the fruit edible. Amos was employed as “one who took care of sycamore-fig trees” (Amos 7:14 NIV; compare Psalm 78:47 ). This tree has no relation to the American sycamore tree. It was used as food for the poor and bore fruit several times a year. See 1 Kings 10:27; 2 Chronicles 1:15; 2 Chronicles 9:27 . It was often planted along roadways for its shade (see Luke 19:4 ). Poor people used its wood rather than expensive cedar (Isaiah 9:10 ).

Bibliography Information
Butler, Trent C. Editor. Entry for 'Sycamore'. Holman Bible Dictionary. https://www.studylight.org/​dictionaries/​eng/​hbd/​s/sycamore.html. 1991.
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