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The outside vertical structures of houses and the fortifications surrounding cities. In ancient times, the walls of cities and houses were constructed of bricks made of clay mixed with reed and hardened in the sun. Archaeologists estimate that the walls of Nineveh were wide enough to drive three chariots abreast and the walls of Babylon were wide enough to drive six chariots abreast on the top. See Architecture; Fortifications.

In scriptural language a wall is a symbol of salvation (Isaiah 26:1; Isa, Isaiah 60:18 ), of the protection of God (Zechariah 2:5 ), of those who afford protection (1 Samuel 25:16; Isaiah 2:15 ), and of wealth of the rich in their own conceit (Proverbs 18:11 ). A “brazen wall” is symbolic of prophets and their testimony against the wicked (Jeremiah 15:20 ). The “wall of partition” (Ephesians 2:14 ) represented Temple worship and Jewish practice separating Jew from Gentile.

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