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1. The fourth son of Jacob and Leah, and the head of the tribe bearing his name, which signifies 'praise.' It was Judah who advised the selling of Joseph rather than taking his life: so his descendants, the Jews, delivered the Lord into the hands of the Gentiles. He sinned in the matter of Tamar his daughter-in-law; was ready enough to have her punished till it was shown that he also was guilty. Thus is traced the terribly corrupt history of the family of whom according to election Christ was to be born. Though not the eldest son he began to take a chief place in the family. He was able to persuade his father to let Benjamin be taken into Egypt, and when appeals were to be made to Joseph it was Judah who made them. When Jacob blessed his sons, the predictions show that in Judah was centred the royal line. The sceptre should not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh came, etc. Genesis 49:8-12 . From Judah sprang David and a long succession of kings. Christ as born of the tribe of Judah, is referred to as "the Lion of the tribe of Juda." Revelation 5:5 . In Luke 3:33; Hebrews 7:14; Revelation 5:5; Revelation 7:5 , the name is given as JUDA: and in Matthew 1:2,3 , it is JUDAS.

The tribe held a prominent position. In the journeyings of the Israelites, Judah took the lead, and at the first and second census their numbers were 74,600 and 76,500. Their allotted portion was large. Its east border embraced the whole of the Dead Sea, and extended to Gath and the land of the Philistines on the west. Its northern boundary was about 31 48' N, and in the south it extended to the Desert of Paran. Jerusalem was near the border between Judah and Benjamin. In Joshua 18:28 it is one of the cities mentioned as falling to Benjamin; but in Joshua 15:63 and Judges 1:8 it is referred to Judah. David and his successors being of this tribe, Jerusalem became their dwelling place.

2. Ancestor of some Levites who helped to rebuild the temple. Ezra 3:9 . Perhaps the same as HODAVIAH No. 3.

3. Levite who had taken a strange wife. Ezra 10:23 .

4. Son of Senuah: he was an overseer in Jerusalem. Nehemiah 11:9 .

5. Levite who returned from exile. Nehemiah 12:8 .

6,7. A prince of Judah, and a priest and musician who assisted at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem. Nehemiah 12:34,36 .

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