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Ravignan, Gustave Franã§ois Xavier Delacroix de

1910 New Catholic Dictionary

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Jesuit preacher and author. Born on December 2, 1795 in Bayonne, France; died on February 26, 1858 in Paris, France. Educated in Paris, he resigned his army commission to study law. Auditor of the royal court. Deputy attorney-general by 1821. Entering a Sulpician monastery, and later joining the Society of Jesus, he was ordained in 1828, and after several years as professor and retreat preacher at Montrouge, he went to Notre Dame, where his logic, serenity, and zeal won souls by the hundreds. Superior of his brethren at Bordeaux from 1837 to 1842, and at Paris from 1848 to 1851. He preached throughout France and in Rome, Belgium, and London. His calm, eloquent De l'Existenceet de l'Institutdes Jesuites of 1844, vindicating the Society, sold 25,000 copies in one year. However, the Jesuits' strife continued until they were forced to disband for a time in France. Despite painful controversy with his superiors and imputations from other quarters, he remained loyal to his order. In 1854 he brought out Clement XIII et Clement XIV, a dispassionate treatise, of no great literary merit, on the defender and the suppressor of the Jesuits. He steadfastly refused preferment, even the archbishopric of Paris, devoting himself to other works. He died a saintly death, and thousands followed the remains of the "Apostle of Paris" to his grave.

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