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Pure (and Forms)

Psalm 12:6 (a) This word is used to indicate that there is no mixture of any kind in the Word of GOD. There is nothing whatever of man's production, nor thought, in the composition, nor the arrangement of this book. The words are of GOD. The thoughts are GOD's thoughts. The arrangement is divine in its construction. No other words could possibly be used to convey GOD's meaning. These words of the Lord have been tested by men of all calibers and positions. Religious men, men of letters, men in educational circles, atheists, infidels, historians, archeologists, Paleontologists, scientists, chemists, physicists, churches, religions, clergymen have all combined to use their efforts to find a flaw in GOD's precious Word, but they have utterly failed, and the Word of GOD stands as a perfect message from Heaven. The word pure means "unmixed." The Bible is unmixed with anything of human thought, design or effort. GOD used only the fingers of a man's hand to write on the wall before Belshazzar. He only uses man's fingers; He does not need man's brains, nor thoughts, nor ideas. (See also Proverbs 30:5; Zephaniah 3:9).

Matthew 5:8 (a) As in the case of the Scriptures, so it is in the case of the heart of the Christian. It is a heart that is unmixed with worldliness, selfishness or Satan's philosophies. A pure wool suit is one in which there is no cotton, nor silk, nor any other substance except wool. It may be a very poor quality of wool, nevertheless it is pure wool if nothing had been added to it. That butter is pure butter if it is just like it came from the churning of the milk, and no other substance has been added. It may be rancid, and old, nevertheless it is pure butter. Milk is pure milk if nothing has been added to it, and it is just as it comes from the cow, even though it may be greatly lacking in butter fat. The Lord wants us to have a heart that is not divided. He wants our hearts to be wholly devoted to Himself, with no competition, no reservations in our covenant, and no mortgage.

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