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Sow (Verb)

Leviticus 19:19 (c) The mingled seed represents mixed teachings. The Lord forbids orthodox teachings with heterodox teachings. One teacher will be teaching the truth of GOD concerning the truths of the Bible, while another teacher in an adjoining class is teaching that the Bible is not true, but is mostly fables. One teacher will tell the class that the Lord JESUS was virgin born and was the Son of GOD. The teacher in the adjoining class will tell the students that JESUS was an ordinary man and not the Son of GOD. All such mixed teaching as this is forbidden of GOD. (See also Deuteronomy 22:9-11).

Job 4:8 (b) The actions of wicked people in accomplishing their evil desires is described by this type.

Psalm 97:11 (b) This represents the act of GOD in bringing the blessings of the light of life to the Christian.

Psalm 126:5 (b) By this we understand the act of the Christian in proclaiming the Gospel, distributing tracts, teaching the Word of GOD, and seeking to place the seed of the Scriptures in the hearts of others. While doing so his own heart is burdened to tears over the lost condition of those around him.

Proverbs 11:18 (b) The acts of doing good to others is thus described.

Ecclesiastes 11:4 (c) We may understand from this, the thoughts of those who will not do what they should because they are influenced by circumstances. They imagine that conditions exist which would makes their efforts unprofitable, or useless.

Ecclesiastes 11:6 (b) Here is a command from our Lord to give out the Word of GOD always, in every place, in joy or in grief, in prosperity or adversity, in wealth or in poverty, nothing is to stop the ministering of GOD's wonderful Word.

Isaiah 28:24 (c) This message is for soul winners. The Lord is telling us that we are not to be plowing up the heart all the time, nor harrowing it all the time. We are to be sure to cast some seed into the ground. Constantly warning the sinner will not lead him to the Lord. He must know GOD's good Gospel.

Isaiah 32:20 (c) The waters in this passage represent peoples, nations and tongues, and we should be busy getting the Gospel and the Scriptures before all kinds of people, in all parts of the world.

Jeremiah 4:3 (b) Our Lord would have His people clearly devoted to Himself. He is requesting that Israel would get rid of the things that hinder their walking with GOD, and prevent their obedience to GOD.

Jeremiah 31:27 (b) In a coming day GOD will again cover the land of Israel with men and women who will believe in Him, will obey Him, and will be occupied with His work and Himself.

Hosea 2:23 (b) This passage is somewhat similar to the one above, except that probably it has reference to the blessing that GOD will make Israel to be for all the earth. The growth and the enterprise of the nation of Israel will bring peace and prosperity to the whole. world some day when CHRIST will be on the Throne.

Hosea 10:12 (b) The truth revealed in this passage probably is a result of the Scripture above. The Lord wants His people to invest their lives, their talents and gifts in such a way that blessed and happy results will come from the investment.

Zechariah 10:9 (b) Probably this refers to the fact that all over the world the Spirit of GOD will work on and in the hearts of His people in such a way that they will turn back to the living GOD, and to the Messiah, the Son of GOD. This same truth is revealed in eze37, where we read the story of the dry bones.

Matthew 13:3 (a) This action describes the giving out of the Word of GOD here and there under all circumstances, and all conditions. (See Mark 4:3; Luke 8:5).

Matthew 13:27 (b) In this parable the seed is the child of GOD, while in the previous parable the seed is the Word of GOD. The Lord is telling us that when He places a man of GOD who is truly a saved servant of the Lord, in the harvest field, the Devil will place in the same part of the field one of his children, teaching religion filled with evil doctrines. Thus the people are confounded, their thinking is confused, and the work of the man of GOD is hindered.

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