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Agoust, Capt. de
a "cast-iron" captain of the swiss guards, who on may 4,1788, by order of the court of versailles, marched the parliament of paris out of the palais de justice and carried off the key. see carlyle's "french revolution," bk. i. chap. viii.
Akakia, Doctor
A satire of a very biting nature by Voltaire, directed against pretentious pedants of science in the person of Maupertuis, the President of the Royal
Alaric Cotin
voltaire's nickname for frederick the great, the former in recognition of him as a warrior, the latter as a would-be littérateur, after an indifferent french poet of the name of cotin.
Albert (3)
Markgrave of Brandenburg, defined by Carlyle "a failure of a Fritz," with "features" of a Frederick the Great in him, "but who burnt away his splendid
Algaro`tti, Francesco
A clever Italian author, born at Venice, whom, for his wit, Frederick the Great was attached to and patronised, "one of the first beaux esprits of the
Anselm, St.
Archbishop of Canterbury, a native of Aosta, in Piedmont, monk and abbot; visited England frequently, gained the favour of King Rufus, who appointed
Antigone, the Modern
the duchess of angoulême, daughter of louis xv. see the parting scene in carlyle's "french revolution."
The cousin of Mahomet, and one of his first followers at the age of sixteen, "a noble-minded creature, full of affection and fiery daring. Something
Baireuth, Wilhelmina, Margravine of
sister of frederick the great, left "memoirs" of her time (1709-1758).
The surname of Frederick I., emperor of Germany, of whom there is this tradition, that "he is not yet dead; but only sleeping, till the bad world reach
Basel, Council of
Met in 1431, and laboured for 12 years to effect the reformation of the Church from within. It effected some compromise with the Hussites, but was hampered
The Building), a State prison in Paris, built originally as a fortress of defence to the city, by order of Charles V., between 1369 and 1382, but used
a midianitish soothsayer; for the account of him see num. xxii.-xxiv., and carlyle's , essay on the "corn-law rhymes" for its application to modern state councillors of the same time-serving type, and their probable fate.
Beausobre, Isaac
A Huguenot divine, born at Poitou; fled to Holland on the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, settled in Berlin, and became a notability in high quarters
Belleisle, Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet, Count of
Marshal of France; distinguished in the war of the Spanish Succession; an ambitious man, mainly to blame for the Austrian Succession war; had grand schemes
Bernstorff, Count
a celebrated statesman, diplomatist, and philanthropist of denmark; called the danish oracle by frederick the great; founded an agricultural society and an hospital at copenhagen, and obtained the emancipation of the serfs (1711-1772).
The most northerly province in Austria, two-thirds the size of Scotland; is encircled by mountains, and drained by the upper Elbe and its tributaries.
Bouillé, Marquis de
A French general, born in Auvergne, distinguished in the Seven Years' War, in the West Indies and during the Revolution; "last refuge of royalty in all
Burns, Robert
Celebrated Scottish poet, born at Alloway, near Ayr, in 1759, son of an honest, intelligent peasant, who tried farming in a small way, but did not prosper;
Bury St. Edmunds
or market-town in suffolk, 26 m. nw. of ipswich, named from edmund, king of east anglia, martyred by the danes in 870, in whose honour it was built; famous for its abbey, of the interior life of which in the 12th century there is a matchlessly graphic account in carlyle's "past and present."
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