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Adamnan, St.
abbot of iona, of irish birth, who wrote a life of st. columba and a work on the holy places, of value as the earliest written (625-704).
Anquetil`, Louis Pierre
a french historian in holy orders, wrote "précis de l'histoire universelle" and a "histoire de france" in 14 vols.; continued by bouillet in 6 more (1723-1806).
Athanasian Creed
A statement, in the form of a confession, of the orthodox creed of the Church as against the Arians, and damnatory of every article of the heresy severally;
A Russian port on the Caspian Sea, in a district so impregnated and saturated in parts with petroleum that by digging in the soil wells are formed, in
the vessel for holding the holy water in roman catholic churches.
Biddle, John
a socinian writer in the time of charles i. and the commonwealth; much persecuted for his belief, and was imprisoned, but released by cromwell; regarded as the founder of english unitarianism; author of a "confession of faith concerning the holy trinity" (1615-1662).
Blanche of Castile
wife of louis viii. of france and mother of st. louis; regent of france during the minority of her son and during his absence in crusade; governed with great discretion and firmness; died of grief over the long absence of her son and his rumoured intention to stay in the holy land (1186-1252).
Bos`suet, Jacques Bénigne
Bishop of Meaux, born at Dijon, surnamed the "Eagle of Meaux," of the see of which he became bishop; one of the greatest of French pulpit orators, and
Bryce, James
historian and politician, born at belfast; fellow of oriel college, oxford; bred to the bar; for a time professor of civil law at oxford; entered parliament in 1880; was member of mr. gladstone's last cabinet; his chief literary work, "the holy roman empire," a work of high literary merit; b . 1838.
Bunyan, John
Author of the "Pilgrim's Progress," born in Elstow, near Bedford, the son of a tinker, and bred himself to that humble craft; he was early visited with
Calderon de La Barca
The great Spanish dramatist, born at Madrid; entered the army, and served in Italy and Flanders, producing the while dramas which were received with
County town of Cambridgeshire, stands in flat country, on the Cam, 28 m. NE. of London; an ancient city, with interesting archæological remains;
Clement, the name of 14 Popes: Clement I., Pope from 91 to 100; one of the Apostolic Fathers; wrote an Epistle to the Church of Corinth, with references
Concordat, the
a convention of july 15,1801, between bonaparte and pius v., regulative of the relations of france with the holy see.
Cordon Blue
formerly the badge of the order of the holy ghost, now the badge of highest excellence in a cook.
Cranach, Lucas
A celebrated German painter, born at Kronach, in the bishopric of Bamberg; was patronised by Frederick the Wise, Elector of Saxony, whom he accompanied
Crawford and Balcarres, Earl of
Better known as Lord Lindsay, and as the author of "Letters from the Holy Land," "Progression by Antagonism," and "Sketches of the History of Christian
Cruden, Alexander
Author of a "Complete Concordance of the Holy Scriptures," with which alone his name is now associated; born in Aber deen; intended for the Church, but
Crusades, the
Military expeditions, organised from the 11th century to the 13th, under the banner of the Cross for the recovery of the Holy Land from the hands of
Donne, John
English poet and divine, born in London; a man of good degree; brought up in the Catholic faith; after weighing the claims of the Romish and Anglican