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a village 6 m. s. of jerusalem, the birthplace of jesus christ and king david, with a convent containing the church of the nativity; near it is the grotto where st. jerome translated the bible into latin.
Bible, the
E . the Book par excellence , and not so much a book as a library of books), a collection of sacred writings divided into two parts, the Old Testament
Name of a celebrated family of Italian origin settled in Corsica; the principal members of it were: orn at Ajaccio, 1744; died at Montpellier, 1785;
family of painters, born at Bologna: he founder of a new school of painting, the principle of which was eclecticism, in consequence of which it
a city of the grand-duchy of baden, on the s. bank of the rhine, at its exit from the lake; famous for the seat of the council (1414-1418) which condemned john huss and jerome of prague to death; long famous for its linen manufacture.
Damasus, St.
pope from 366 to 384, a spaniard; a zealous opponent of the arians and a friend of st. jerome, who, under his sanction, executed his translation of the bible into the vulgate; there was a damasus ii., pope in 1048.
A celebrated Italian painter, born at Bologna; studied under Calvaert and Caracci; was of the Bolognese school, and reckoned one of the first of them;
A Latin grammarian and rhetorician of the 4th century, the teacher of St. Jerome; the author of treatises in grammar known as Donats, and, along with
Grimm, Jacob Ludwig
German philologist, born at Hanau; held office as librarian to Jerome Bonaparte, king of Westphalia, and afterwards to Göttingen University, as
see jerome .
Italic Version, the
A version of the Scriptures into Latin on the basis of the Septuagint, executed in N. Italy under episcopal authority from other versions in circulation;
A version of the Bible in Latin executed by St. Jerome (q. v .), and was in two centuries after its execution universally adopted in the Western Christian
a german duchy, now a prussian province; made with other territories in 1807 into a kingdom by napoleon for his brother jerome, and designed to be the centre of the confederation of the rhine; was assigned to prussia in 1813 according to the treaty of vienna.
Ziska, Johann
Hussite leader, born in Bohemia of a noble family; began life as a page at the court of King Wenceslas, but threw up a courtier's life in disgust for