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Anan, Son of Ananias, the High Priest

He was strategus, or governor of the Temple at Jerusalem (Josephus, "B. J." 2:12, § 6; "Ant." 20:6, § 2), and while in office was sent (in 52) to Rome by Ummidius Quadratus, governor of Syria, to answer to Emperor Claudius for participation in disturbances which had arisen out of the struggle between the Judeans and the Samaritans. With him were his father and Jonathan, a former high priest. Through the influence of Agrippa II. he and all the Judeans under accusation were acquitted, and allowed to return to Jerusalem ("Ant." 20:8, § 5, and 9, § 2; "B. J." 2:13). Anan probably owed his important office to his father's position, as did later on his brother Eleazar, who held the same office from 63 to 66 ("Ant." 20:9, § 3; "B. J." 2:17, § 2; compare Pes. 57a, Bet Ḥanin; Tosef., Men. 13:21, Bet Elḥanan). As strategus, Anan probably had charge of the Temple and its sacrifices.

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