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Historical Writings

Church and Denominational History

As the history of ancient Israel, the Christian church's history is to be remembered and learned since it is vital to our understanding of the Christian church's institution. Understanding Christian doctrine in light of church history helps us separate fiction and fads from the true Christian faith's facts and principles.

Joseph Edmund Hutton  (1 total)

A History of the Moravian Church

Also known as the Unity of Brethren, the Moravian Church was organized in 1457 by followers of the martyr John Hus, a Roman Catholic priest and professor at the University of Prague. For his beliefs and teachings he was burned at the stake as an heretic at the Council of Constance in 1415.

Rev James MacCaffrey  (1 total)

History of the Catholic Church

This two volume collection explores the history of the Catholic Church from the Renaissance to the French Revolution.

James Craigie Robertson  (1 total)

Sketches of Church History

A two volume work, by Reverend J.C. Robertson, giving an overview of the history of the Church from the death of Christ to the Reformation.

James Aitken Wylie  (1 total)

The History of Protestantism

An exhaustive look a the history of the Protestant Church from the first Century to the 1800's.
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