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Tuesday, April 1

The magistrates of Rome, carrying the banners of the city, greet Charlemagne three miles from Rome, sent forward by the pope to meet him. Authority for the date: Johnson, Rossiter, ed. The Great Events by Famous Historians.
Martyrdom of Abraham of Bulgaria. While living as an Islamic merchant, he converted to Christianity and is killed by Muslims for changing religions. Authority for the date: Holweck, F. G. A Biographical Dictionary of the Saints. B. Herder, 1924.
Catherine of Siena, an Italian mystic and peacemaker, claims to have received the stigmata (body marks corresponding to Christ's wounds on the cross), visible only to herself. She will be known for persuading Pope Gregory XI to return to Rome and for The Dialogue of Divine Providence, written (according to friends) while conversing with God in ecstatic states. In 1970, Pope Paul VI will declare her a doctor of the church. Authority for the date: http://www.saintwiki.com
Colonial clergyman Cotton Mather's first-born son died at the age of four days. Mather suspected witchcraft as the cause, and had previously published "Wonders of the Invisible World," affirming his belief in spectral phenomena.
David Brainerd arrives at Kaunaumeek, about 20 miles northwest of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where he will serve as a missionary among the Housatonic Indians. He will start a school for Indian children and translate some Psalms. Authority for the date: www.desiringgod.org/library/biographies/90brainerd.html
Richard Allen, an ex-slave and African-American preacher, organizes the Free African Society, a self-help and mutual aid organization. Authority for the date: www.lutheranhistory.org.
Death at Kensington Gore (London) of Isaac Milner, a clergyman, mathematician, educator, and theological writer. His ardent evangelicalism had impelled him to make Queen’s College “a nursery of evangelical neophytes” when he was its president; his educational fervor had given the school good standing; and his love of fun had made him the life of every party. Authority for the date: Dictionary of National Biography
Jonathan Goble, a Baptist missionary, arrives with his wife at Kanagawa, Japan. Eleven years later, Mrs. Goble becomes ill and Jonathan determines to provide her with "gentle, outdoor exercise." Rather than have her carried by four men, he designs a two-wheeled cart with long shafts to pull her in. His plans are stolen and soon rickshaws are in use throughout the entire Far East, providing work for thousands of men. Authority for the date: Iglehart, Charles W. A Century of Protestant Christianity in Japan. Tokyo: Charles E. Tuttle, 1959.
Hampton Institute opens in Virginia to begin its task of training freed slaves “hand, head, and heart,” that is, with a vocation, academics, and faith. Authority for the date: Engs, Robert Francis. Educating the Disfranchised and Disinherited. Knoxville: Univ. of Tenn., 1999.
Death in London of Christian Socialist F. D. Maurice who had a strong influence on his generation, including men like James Clerk Maxwell. Authority for the date: Standard Encyclopedias.
On Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem, British statesman Lord (Arthur James) Balfour dedicated Hebrew University.
Eurovision was founded in Chicago. Headquartered today in Pasadena, CA, this Protestant overseas missions agency specializes in supporting national churches through evangelistic radio, literature and relief work.
German scholar Gerhard Kittel published the first partial volume of "Theological Dictionary of the New Testament." With WWII and Kittel's death in 1948 intervening, this monumental 10-volume work was not completed until the late 1960s.
Death of William R. Newell, 88, American Congregational pastor and Bible teacher. He is remembered today as author of the hymn, "At Calvary" ("Years I Spent in Vanity and Pride").
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