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Wednesday, April 6

6 BC
This day is believed by some Biblical scholars to be the actual date of the historical birth of Jesus Christ.
(Probable date) Death of Methodius, who with his brother Cyril had evangelized the Balkans.
Death in Denmark of church reformer and abbot William of Eskhill.
Death in Nürnberg of Albrecht Durer, German painter, engraver, and designer of woodcuts, famous for his religious scenes, including the popular “Praying Hands” (a study for the hands of an apostle). He was deeply influenced by Martin Luther.
Death at Lincoln Inn, London, of lawyer William Melmoth. He had authored the popular tract The Great Importance of a Religious Life Consider'd (1711), in which he argued that we should live lives of faith because belief offers us the greatest prospect of happiness.
Death in Plymouth, England, of Robert Hawker, a noted preacher, writer, and compiler of a popular hymn books for children. His most famous hymn was the doxology "Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing."
Death in Hancock, Vermont, of Jeremiah Ingalls, who had composed and published hymn tunes, including NORTHFIELD ("O, for a Thousand Tongues to Sing") which he had supposedly written while waiting for a meal in an inn at Northfield.
James Augustine Healy, the first black Roman Catholic bishop in America, was born to an Irish planter and a slave on a plantation near Macon, Georgia.
Simon Kimbangu heals a sick woman in the Congo Free State (now Democratic Republic of the Congo). Soon a movement will form around him and become the large Kimbanguist church.
American missionary and Auca Indian martyr Jim Elliot wrote in his journal: 'Faith makes life so even, gives one such confidence, that the words of men are as wind.'

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