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Wednesday, May 28

[probable date] Death at Novara of Saint Bernard of Menthon (Bernard of Savoy) who evangelized in the Alps. He was famed for founding monasteries in the mountains to succor travelers - monasteries that sent out monks with large dogs to seek people lost in winter snows.
Joseph Alleine, Puritan author of An Alarm to the Unconverted, is thrown into Lichester prison because he does not comply with England's Act of Uniformity.
James Renwick and about 200 men meet in Sanquhar, Scotland, where they will draft the Second Sanquhar Declaration which claims that King James II of England (VII of Scotland) is a murderer and an idolater and that acts of Parliament and Scottish church law make him ineligible to hold the kingship because he is a Catholic.
Death at Newhaven, Connecticut, of Noah Webster, author of an American speller and other works, including a dictionary, that distinguished American English from British. He had been a conservative in politics and religion.
In Italy, the Shroud of Turin was first photographed by Secundo Pia in Turin's Cathedral, where it had rested for 320 years.
Commencement of the first Latin American Plenary Council, held in Rome, to discuss numerous issues faced by the Catholic churches of Latin America.
John and Isobel Kuhn with Charles Paterson open their first rainy season Bible school, geared to teach the gospel during a season when fewer pursuits are open to the Lisu people of Thailand.
Death in Sydney, Australia, of missionary leader, Florence Selina Harriett Young.
Father Maximillian Kolbe is transferred to the concentration camp at Auschwitz where he will be executed, offering himself in place of a man who has a family.
A communist party congress in Czechoslavkia declares its right to educate children in atheistic Leninism without regard for their parents' religious values.

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